5 April 2016
Ocean Vantage Engineering Sdn Bhd (OVESB) is pleased to announced that it has achieved 550,000 manhours without any LTI since its incorporation on 25th May 2011.

2 April 2016
Ocean Vantage Engineering Sdn Bhd (OVESB) is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 1-KNOT to provide various systems and solutions to the Oil & Gas and Water Industries in Malaysia. 1-KNOT solutions and products include Metering (gas & liquid custody/allocation), Pressure Regulation Systems (PRS), In-Line Blending and its very own 1-KNOTROL product. 1-KNOT is also the system partner for Schneider Electric and Rheonik.

28 March 2016
Ocean Vantage Engineering Sdn Bhd (OVESB) is pleased to announce that it has received the contract agreement from PETRONAS. The contract is for the Provision of Anti Intrusion Barrier (AIB) for PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD. The contract duration is for a period of 250 days from March to December 2016.


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L/R Supplier Code Service Mode of Operation
L PI1030100 Instrumentation-Weighing & Measuring Metering & Sales System-Gas Metering-General Agent
L PI1030300 Instrumentation-Weighing & Measuring Metering & Sales System-Liquid Metering-General Agent
L SC2010100 Civil Maintenance Services-Onshore Site Preparation Self-Operated
L SC2010100 Civil Maintenance Services-Offshore Site Preparation Self-Operated
L SC2020200 Civil Maintenance Services-Other Foundation Works Self-Operated
L SC2080000 Civil Maintenance Services-Scaffolding Services & Inspection Self-Operated
L SC2100000 Civil Maintenance Services-Fencing Self-Operated
L SC2140400 Civil, Structural & Building Maintenance Services-Grounds Maintenance Services-Bush Control Self-Operated
L SC2190200 Civil Maintenance Services-Removal & Disposal of Debris Self-Operated
L SC2190400 Civil Maintenance Services-Removal & Disposal of Offshore Structures Self-Operated
L SC3010200 Consultancy Services-Pipeline Self-Operated
L SC3010300 Consultancy Services-Drilling Self-Operated
L SC3030100 Consultancy Services-Safety Consultancy Self-Operated
L SC3030400 Consultancy Services-Industrial Hygiene Survey & Services Self-Operated
L SC3110201 Consultancy Services-Specialized Skill Training-Safety, Survival Skills Training & Consultancy-Regulatory Self-Operated
L SC3110202 Consultancy Services-Specialized Skill Training-Safety, Survival Skills Training & Consultancy-Non-Regulatory Self-Operated
L SI2010100 Instrumentation Maintenance-Pneumatic Actuated Valve Self-Operated
L SI2010500 Instrumentation Maintenance-Regulator Self-Operated
L SI2010600 Instrumentation Maintenance-Solenoid Operated Valve (SOV) Self-Operated
L SI2030300 Instrumentation Maintenance-Electronic/Digital Transmitters Self-Operated
L SI2050400 Instrumentation Maintenance-Instrument Cabling & Wiring Works Self-Operated
L SL2010200 Leasing & Rental-Land, Building, Porta Cabins, Supply Base & Canopy-Porta Cabins and Portable Toilets Leasing & Rental Self-Operated
L SL2040200 Leasing & Rental-Container Boxes Leasing/Rental Self-Operated
L SM2010300 Manpower Supply-General Manpower for Office Services Self-Operated
L SM2020100 Manpower Supply-Technician Self-Operated
L SM2020200 Manpower Supply-Skilled Manpower-Electrical Self-Operated
L SM2020300 Manpower Supply-Telecon Self-Operated
L SM2020400 Manpower Supply-Coded Welders Self-Operated
L SM2020600 Manpower Supply-Machinist Self-Operated
L SM2020800 Manpower Supply-Offshore Crane Operator Self-Operated
L SM2020900 Manpower Supply-Instrument Self-Operated
L SM2021000 Manpower Supply-Skilled Manpower-Welding Inspector Self-Operated
L SM2030400 Manpower Supply-Specialist Manpower-Specialist Mechanical/Piping Self-Operated
L SM2030500 Manpower Supply-Specialist Electrical Self-Operated
L SM2030600 Manpower Supply-Specialist Instrumentation Self-Operated
L SM3020000 Marine Transportation Services-Vessel Cleaning Services Self-Operated
L SM3031800 Marine Transportation Services-Tank Cleaning Equipment Self-Operated
L SM3040100 Marine Transportation Services-Cleaning & Disposal Services Self-Operated
L SM3060101 Marine Transportation Services-Marine System for Repairs & Services-Single Point Mooring System-Buoy Self-Operated
L SM3060102 Marine Transportation Services-Marine Systems for Repairs & Services-Single Point Mooring System-Hose System Self-Operated
L SM3060103 Marine Transportation Services-Marine Systems for Repairs & Services-Single Point Mooring System-Mooring Systems Self-Operated
L SM5080100 Mechanical Maintenance-Machining-Workshop Machining Self-Operated
L SM5080200 Mechanical Maintenance-Machining-In-Situ Machining Self-Operated
L SO2020201 Offshore Facilities Construction-Minor Onshore Fabrication-Minor Onshore Fabrication-Civil Works Self-Operated
L SO2020206 Offshore Facilities Construction-Minor Onshore Fabrication-Structural Self-Operated
L SO2020300 Offshore Facilities Construction-Commissioning Specialist Electrical & Instrumentation System Self-Operated
L SO2020400 Offshore Facilities Construction-Dry Tree Unit (DTU) Self-Operated
L SO2020500 Offshore Facilities Construction-Onshore Fabrication-Onshore Fabrication-Surface Preparation and Painting Self-Operated
L SP2010101 Production/Drilling/Workover Associated Services-Drilling Rigs-Offshore Rig-Jackup Rig Services Agent
L SP2010103 Production/Drilling/Workover Associated Services-Drilling Rigs-Offshore Rigs-Drill Ship Agent
L SP2010105 Production/Drilling/Workover Associated Services-Drilling Rigs-Offshore Rig-Semi-Submersible Agent
L SQ1060100 Quality Assurance-Material Corrosion & Inspection-Coating Services-Surface Preparation, Painting & Coating Self-Operated
L SS1130000 Special Categories Maintenance-Hydrojetting Self-Operated
L SU1010000 Underwater Services-Underwater Engineering, Construction & Maintenance Services Self-Operated
L SU1020000 Underwater Services-Surface Diving Services Self-Operated
L SU1030000 Underwater Services-Saturation Diving Services Self-Operated